Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies To Get Maximum Conversions?

I have executed world’s best marketing strategies for one of my client. I would like to reveal them for everyone who would like to benefit from them.
One of my client had asked me to offer complete marketing plan for his e-commerce website. I got confused but finally I made a killer strategy for him. When I showed my plan to my client with complete transparency, he got curious to know the impact of my plan on his business. I along with my technical team started execution of my plan. The plan showed outstanding results from very first day. I would like brief you about my plan. Please find it step by step:-

  • Optimization of complete website ( technical optimization and on page optimization )
  • Link building for organic presence and brand visibility
  • Adwords campaign of high budget in parallel
  • Affiliate conversion ( commission based ) in parallel
  • Google product listing for local presence
  • SMO visibility and engagement in parallel
  • Viral content distribution on various content networks

I executed all the above strategies in parallel and got huge traffic and conversion in a single day. The sales multiplied by 5 and the best part was its ROI which burst through the roof. I got conversions from Google Adwords, product listings and affiliate marketing on first day.
Later I started to get conversion from social media and organic results as well. The above plan worked for me. I hope and strongly believe that it will work for all ecommerce websites and businesses operating online. Today we briefly discussed about conversions and marketing plan but not about rankings; because without complete marketing package you won’t be able to leverage your online presence. In the next article we will talk about rankings. Till then, bye!!!
The above blog is written by Prashant Pundir, Senior Marketing Manager at, having more than 10 years of working experience. Stay connected with us for more update on Digital Marketing Strategies and more.

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Have Your Website Ever Been Penalized? Learn 5 Easy Ways To Detect Penalization, Also Learn How To Deal With The Situation.

Google is changing the way of search results day by day and updating its algorithm very frequently to provide its users, the best experience of search results. Google started with Panda update and then made Penguin, exact match, pirates etc. SEO world, strategy and execution has been changing since years. The inappropriate work leads to penalize the websites, even the past work also effect your search engine appearance. I would like to list 5 easy ways to detect penalization:

  1. Check if your website’s ranking dropped drastically
  2. Check if your web pages are out of cache of Google
  3. Check if your web pages are out of indexing of Google
  4. Check for Warning message in Google Webmaster Tool
  5. Check if your website’s traffic dropped drastically

Types of penalization:

There are two types of penalization. Both can be partial or complete. That means either your website penalized partially or completely.

Manual Penalization:

If your website caught manually by Web Spam team of Google then you would get a warning message from Google in your Google Webmaster account. In this penalization recovery is easy to get. All you need to do is delete your old links. Find out your spam links from webmaster inlinks or with the help of any other tool like “Link Research Tool” and then check all the links manually if they are toxic or suspicious links. Send request to the website owners of spam website to remove your bad links. Track and record complete process and show your efforts to Google and submit reconsideration request to Google. Google team will check your efforts and remove penalty from your website if they found everything genuine.

Algorithmic Penalty:

Algorithmic penalty is an automatic process of penalization. In Algorithmic penalty your website get caught by Google Algorithm update and your website will be out of searches. In that case you need to check your spam work and remove all spam work and then all you can do is to wait for next Google Algorithm Update.

In the end,

Never do spam work, offer your services Genuinely to your clients. Create your social network and promote your products and services among your network. Stay Tuned..

Written By Prashant Pundir, Marketing manager and BDM at, having more than 10 years of working experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

How To Use Your Content Effectively To Promote Your Campaign?

Today, in this post, I will share my opinion and experience on how to utilize your content smartly to promote your website. This is the blog post for those who don’t have sufficient content to promote their website. I am about to share a few useful ways to utilize your content. You can share and submit your content on the number of platforms without any duplicacy issue.

  • Submit your content on Quality Article Websites.
  • Convert that article in PDF format and then submit the same content on PDF submission websites.
  • Create slides of your content piece and submit that on slide submission sites like
  • Create video of those slides and submit the same on YouTube and other video channels.
  • Convert different slides into images and submit the same on image submission websites like
  • Create doc of that piece of content and submit that on different document submission websites.
  • You can share and submit all the docs created above on social media websites along with the link to your website.

However you can submit a piece of content on multiple article websites but for that you need to provide reference link of the approved article. Believe me that all the seven methods I’ve shared with you won’t create any duplicate content. The above mentioned tricks of using content always work, I would like to share the reason for the same with you.

Why your content will not lead to cause of duplicity?

The content submitted on an article website was in form of text. If we convert that content in PDF then it won’t be easily readable by Search Engine Bots. Also if we convert that PDF into Images then it won’t be readable by search engine bots and it will happen in all the techniques shared above. But at last it depends on you how sharply and effectively you use your content. You should research and think on what format is readable by search engines and what not.

The basic idea and motive of sharing these techniques is to give you a basic idea of utilization of your content. In case your content will ever considered as duplicate then we will not be responsible for the same.

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How To Monitor Your Website Traffic And How To Utilize Stats Of Google Analytics?

Google Analytic is a powerful tool to get insights of your website’s traffic. You can check your website’s visitor’s flow, locations and landing pages that could give you an idea about the focus areas of your website. Google uses certain cookies to track specific stats. With the help of Google Analytics you can also track your conversions, user behavior and path of your goals that could give you the basic understanding about, “the areas of improvement your website needs”.
How to set UP Google Analytic:

  • Follow URL and click on create an account as highlighted below:
  • You can create a GA account with your Gmail/Google account. Click on Sign Up and enter information, such as; Account Name, Website URL, Country, Industry of your website, as shown in screen below:
  • You will get a script code that you need to insert in head section of all the pages of your website and Google will start tracking your website’s visitors and many other stats too.

First of all, you need to set up goals, events and multi channel funnels in your GA account. If your website is an ecommerce website, than you need to enable ecommerce tracking for your website. You can add multiple websites in a single Google Analytics account.

What to track and how to use tracked data for betterment of your website:

You need to track your visitors (from audience section), Country (Audience > Geo> Location), organic keywords (Acquisition > campaign > organic keywords).
By looking at above stats you would get to know if you are getting your right audience.

You need to check your conversions and funnels so that you can keep track on the flow of your website’s visitors and remove all the hurdles in conversion (if any). You would also track the path your website’s visitors are following.
GA also facilitates you with the custom report. You can create custom dashboards and reports as per your requirement.

About Author:

Written by Prashant Pundir, Marketing Manager and BDM at and Prashant has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Best Ways To Sell Your Products Online For Ecommerce Websites

Selling products online is itself a biggest challenge. To sell products online, you need to create a well structured plan and strategy. Your planning should contain all marketing activities, tricks, execution and output. As per my experience, following marketing strategies could lead to conversion:

  • SEO (Google Organic Results)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • PPC (Google Adwords)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertisement

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is used to create organic presence of a webpage with multiple keywords. If you have an ecommerce website then you need to opt for SEO services for your products and for generic keywords. Better the presence in search engine results, more are the chances of getting sales and hits.

SMO, stands for Social Media Optimization, is used to make your company a brand by awaring people about your company socially. If you are a well known brand then you could get direct traffic as ecommerce giants, such as flipcart, ebay, amzon, are getting. Better the social awareness, more are the chances of getting sales either direct, organic or referral.
PPC , stands for Pay Per Click, is used to generate traffic and conversion with the help of sponsored listing. You have to pay Google for every click because Google shows your website, landing pages and products on Google search result Page in the sponsored links’ section. PPC depends on your budged and expenditure called CPC (Cost Per Click). You can show your products with number of keywords, location, time and types. Better the budget, more is the visibility and conversion.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing works as mediator between you and your customers. It generates traffic on your website and charge you for the same, It sells your products and get commission from you. Affiliate channels use their network to sell your products.

Advertisement: Various advertisement on Different channels like facebook, Bing, Twitter etc. also works same as the Google Adword works. They also charge you for every click you get from these channels.

As per the survey the most effective way to generate leads and conversions is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but the only drawback with SEO is that the results takes time to get your website on TOP of searches. Also it requires lots of attention as wrong work may penalize your website in Google.

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